The Entropy Effect

The Entropy Effect cover

The Entropy Effect

Today I finished a Star Trek novel:  The Entropy Effect by Vonda McIntyre.  It was excellent. Unlike many spin-off novelizations, this story was neither simplistic, nor formulaic.  There was “scientific” content, a real plot, and a good development of characters.  I was very pleased.

Its number two in the somewhat confusing series of Star Trek novels. It was originally published in 1981, but it doesn’t read like its dated.  The so-called first novel is a novelization of the Motion Picture – and unnecessary to read if you want to read this book.

The main characters are Spock and Sulu, which is cool because one so typically expected Kirk and McCoy.  This is not to say that those characters are not present in a strong fashion, but the plot revolves around Sulu and Spock. I don’t feel that Sulu ever has the fanbase that the others do, and so it was really interesting to get some of this background and story about him.  This is Star Trek at its best and Trekkies and non-Trekkies should enjoy it.

4 stars

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