Merc with a Mouth #6

Merc with a Mouth 6

Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #6

I have admitted it previously – I am stupid happy about Deadpool. Yes, of course, he’s being overexposed everywhere now. *giggles insanely at punny statement* Okay, so Deadpool has a bunch of solo titles and he’s making appearances everywhere. In theory, a movie will be made and released in 2011 starring Deadpool. Of course, they are going to hype him as much as possible until then. But I am okay with this. Why? Well, honestly, because I believe that there are a handful of characters in comics that can be “overexposed” and its still ok. Like Superman. I don’t really like Supes at all. But I can totally understand and accept him being in every DC title and having at least 9 of his own. It doesn’t bother me. Somehow… its just all ok. Now, I’ve said before that to like and appreciate Deadpool is not for everyone. I can sympathize with those who find him repulsive, tedious, and stupid. On the other hand, those who get a kick out of Deadpool are loving the sudden hype of Deadpool everywhere we turn.

This cover of Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #6 was drawn by Arthur Suydam. It is an homage to one of many very famous movie posters, Ridley Scott’s Alien. He’s known for his work with Marvel Zombies. He also did a number of similar horror/alien titles in his career. I really dislike his art. I understand many people love it, but I just hate it. I can’t stand it. Not my cup o’ tea. But this cover? I have to make an exception. Its really good. And that is a major surprise for me! I like everything about this cover. I like the font, the colors, the artwork, the alignment, the style. All of it. See? Deadpool makes everything better!

The story arc in Merc with a Mouth has been running since the first issue. And I will be honest, after reading the first issue, everything’s just a jumble of chaos, anyway. But its fun, too. This issue might be my favorite, so far, of the title. Its got all of the typical Deadpool features – voices, tacos, sarcasm. For example, Deadpool: “Hey, Rednecks, you seen a dimensional gateway deal around here?”  And the supporting characters are fun, too. “Body parts seem to find a way to get airborne whenever you’re around.”

4 stars

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