The Last Templar

Last TemplarI recently finished The Last Templar, published in 2005.  From the author’s website: The Last Templar is a fast paced contemporary adventure/thriller set in New York and in various settings around the Mediterranean, intercut by five epic chapters set during the closing years of the Crusades in which the last Templar of the title, entrusted with the Order’s secret, escapes from the burning city of Acre and struggles to make it back to France.

This novel starts off with a great idea. And the next several chapters are full of exciting bloodshed and intense chase. Then something happens…. everything goes downhill. Everything suddenly seems superficial and general. An annoying “love story” develops. Finally, after lots of nothing, there are several chapters filled with long-winded diatribe that seems more like the author speaking than the characters. The diatribe is fairly daft and foolish. I realize the topic will be seen by many as unpleasant and negative. Anathema. However, I don’t hate this part of the book just because I disagree with it – I hate it because its poorly written. Its awful.

I feel badly because the story starts off really interesting. But when the book goes downhill, it sure goes downhill. I debated giving the book two stars – because I really want to praise the originality of the opening story, but I just cannot.  Now, I do own Khoury’s next book The Sanctuary, which I suppose I may read someday simply because I own it.

1 star

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