Sourcery cover

This book is the fifth book of Pratchett’s “Discworld” series. It stars the infamous wizard Rincewind, the young boy Coin, and the daughter of Cohen – Conina. There are cameos by Death and a full cast of wizards, villains, and assorted magical creations. (The Luggage and The Librarian are here too!)  It was first published in 1988.

This book is simply triumphant. I hate to seem like I am spewing hyperbole, but this book really is that good. I do think its almost necessary (I love that paradoxical phrasing)  to have read the first book The Color of Magic and probably The Light Fantastic.  Nevertheless, the book is triumphant. From start to finish, the entire story, every character, and every scene is written perfectly. There are a least a trillion references, puns, figures of speeches, and other “Easter eggs” hidden all through this storyline. And beyond that – the storyline is very interesting. I think I like it second-best of the first five Discworld novels.  This is definitely an action-story, full of the bizarre-twists and turns that one expects in Discworld.

It would be impossible to describe the book further, especially to an audience that is unfamiliar with Discworld. The novel should interest all Discworld fans everywhere. It is hysterical, witty, punny, entertaining, and the ending ties nicely with the very beginning. Excellent.

5 stars

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