Fringe: Season 2

Fringe 2

Fringe DVD season 2

Tonight I finished watching the second season of Fringe. Its difficult to say how this season ranks with the first season – I enjoyed both quite a bit. I don’t know that I could pick which one is “better.”

This season has several “reveals” in it, so if you don’t wanna know… don’t read any further. Once again, Walter and Astrid steal the show, but during this season Olivia and Peter became far more interesting, as well. There was one episode that is “flashback” to 1985 when Peter dies and one episode that is like taking an LSD-trip with Walter (“Brown Betty”).  The latter is very weird and not at all like any other episode. I don’t know if that makes it good or bad. I guess I just don’t know what the writers were thinking with that one.

Not all the episodes in this season were part of the “over there/second dimension” storyline, which is nice. I think its a good thing that we see other odd cases as opposed to only ones dealing with the parallel universe and Walter’s exploits there.  In some of these episodes we learn more about the Observers, as they are called, and we also get a lot of our backstory questions answered. People who watched season 1 will definitely want to watch season 2 for all the answers. Most of the answers we get are regarding Peter.

The season ends not so much with a cliffhanger, but with Olivia in a bad spot, so to speak.

Walter:  “You know what? You know what you’re putting into our bodies? Death! Delicious, strawberry-flavored death!”
4 stars


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