Month: May 2011

Arrow’s Flight

Arrows FlightQuite awhile ago I read the first book in Mercedes Lackey’s “Heralds of Valdemar” series.  I just finished the second book in the series, “Arrow’s Flight.”  It was originally published in 1987.

About the book:

Talia could scarcely believe that she had finally earned the rank of full Herald. Yet though this seemed like the fulfillment of all her dreams, it also meant she would face trials far greater than those she had previously survived. For now Talia must ride forth to patrol the kingdom of Valdemar, dispensing Herald’s justice throughout the land.

But in this realm beset by dangerous unrest, enforcing her rulings, would require all the courage and skill Talia could command- for if she misused her own special powers, both she and Valdemar would pay the price!

One of the main reasons I was reading this book is that it is easy to read while you are reading other books.  This book (and series) require little or no brain function in order to read and follow the story.  This is both a good and bad thing.  Its a great thing when you are just trying to read to fall asleep and you have had a hectic day and feel a bit restless or stressed.  It’s not a good thing because most of us like books that engage our minds.

The storyline continues from the first book in the series.  The two characters in this book, Talia and Kris are both Heralds of the Queen. If you wanted to read about the other characters found in the first book of the series, prepare for disappointment.  Overall, this wasn’t a very good book.  I really, really, really hate the thing with Talia and Rolan (her horse Companion) which allows them to empathically share stuff.  Its annoying at best, and pervy at worse. Really? There are some things that are so dumb that it hurts, and this connection between Rolan and Talia is one of them.

Nothing happens in the book. Talia and Kris ride around on their “circuit” wherein they visit villages and rule on court cases. They share news, organize folks, and then ride off.  The “big thing” in the book is when they get snowed in at a waystation. Big bad storm. Cold. Windy. Blah.  There is a short (couple of pages) where these two Heralds come upon a village being sieged by raiders.  Its pretty clear here that Mercedes Lackey is not comfortable writing combat.  The “fight” is really silly as this young girl on a horse puts arrows into the necks of a bunch of raiders. Wooo.

Kris and Talia really whine their way through the circuit. They are like little babies instead of special forces. They are undisciplined and overly emotive. They stress and whine about everything.  They apparently do hard work (shoveling snow), but then its three days of wailing about the hard work that they did.

I’ll probably read the third book, if only just to finish the series.  And, well, its utterly mindless and perfect for turning the brain off for sleeping.

2 stars

May 2011: Cover of the Month

For this month, there were several good choices.

  • Superman #711
  • Uncanny X-Force #9
  • Booster Gold #44
  • Detective Comics #877
  • Green Arrow #12

But the hands down winner has to be Detective Comics #877.  Shame on DC Comics for putting the Green Lantern banner across this cover!  The cover artist is Mark Simpson “Jock”

Detective Comics 877

Detective Comics #877