Nurse Jackie: Season 1

Nurse Jackie 1

Nurse Jackie DVD season 1

So, Nurse Jackie is a nurse at All Saints hospital in NYC.  She is the head emergency room nurse (I think).  She’s also addicted to pain meds, having an affair, and she bends the rules with regard to hospital regulations – all the time.

The supporting cast of Zoey, O’Hara, Akalitus, and Mohammad do a lot of work making the storyline well-rounded and filled out. Without the supporting roles and subplots, the whole series would be a miserable catastrophe. After watching only the first season, Dr. O’Hara (played by Eve Best) is my favorite character, followed by Zoey and Akalitus. The main character? Yeah, I must admit that I am not really fond of her.

The point of season 1 is that Jackie makes every possible bad choice she can and then, at the end, she ends up having everyone she knows angry, disappointed, or frustrated with her. The antics of the patients at the hospital provide a decent background for telling us this story. We are also watching Zoey, a nursing student, develop.  What it all boils down to, though, is that Jackie makes bad choices and at the end of season 1, her choices make people suffer – not just herself. So, we are left up in the air with the last episode – will Jackie’s friends just slay her, or can she find a conniving way out?

I watched the season in two afternoons, its not gripping and its not incredibly entertaining, but its not wretched. I suppose I will give this season 3 out of 5 stars. Generally, I dislike the depravity found on Showtime and HBO.

3 stars

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