Day: February 27, 2012

Green Lantern Corps #6 (2011)

GL Corps 6
Green Lantern Corps #6; DC Comics

I like science fiction, particularly kosmic space science fiction. Naturally, since I love comics and Green Lantern, I am fond of the Green Lantern Corps.   However, I have not really read many GL Corps books. In fact, I think this 2011 reboot of the New 52 is the first time I’ve read six issues in a row – and that may also be the most I’ve read of the GL Corps.

The cover for issue #6 was done by Andy Kubert and Alex Sinclair. I think the dark red background is done quite well. I like the basic layout here.  However, and this has been said on other websites, the oversized “artillery” on the cover is a bit much. I also do not like the “smoking” gun stuff. I think this is a good basic cover, but ultimately, it will never be a pinup anywhere.

The issue was written by Peter J. Tomasi and drawn by Fernando Pasarin. This is the “climactic” issue of the first six-issue storyarc for this title.  This issue is entitled “Fearsome” and continues where the previous issue left off.  In other words, these are not stand-alone issues, you gotta start at the beginning for any of this to make sense.

Page four has two long frames on it – and both are really cool. I think Pasarin did a great job here and this is the kind of creepy, futuristic science-fiction stuff that I really want to see in a title like Green Lantern Corps.  Page four’s artwork definitely is a keeper. However, the big fight scene in the middle of the issue (full-page spread) is a piece I don’t really like. At first, I thought this was nicely done. However, after looking at it again and again, and then re-reading the story, I am not really fond of this particular spread. Frankly, it just looks messy. Now, I know battle on faraway planets with ring constructs and aliens is bound to be chaotic and messy. Yet, I still feel that I have seen my share of full-page spreads covered in battle that were done a lot better. I really just don’t like this “centerfold.”

There is another page that needs to be discussed:  the full-left-page that shows John Stewart killing Kirrt. The art is well done here, nothing tremendous, but definitely well done. I was surprised to see this turn in the story. It happens rather suddenly, I feel, and I was a bit “shocked” when I came across it.  Stewart, though a soldier through-and-through always seemed to be the moral core of the the Earth Green Lanterns. Even though he thinks like a soldier – he always seemed to remain the most calm and look for a way to minimize death. So, this was surprising. After all, this is what I would expect from Guy Gardner.

The Green Lantern Corps wins the day by using a “fear bomb,” which may seem a bit hack to some readers – but I enjoyed it. I liked this using things at-hand instead of using some complicated newly-created idea. I like Gardner’s wide open approach and I like that it worked as it was expected to. Sometimes, I get a little tired of heroes who cannot even complete the simplest task. It was nice to see a plan that was effective.  Now, I assume Tomasi is going to continue with the Stewart hook – he showed regret at having killed Kirrt, so I would think this was not simply a two-frame deal for him.

So I think this first arc was a success. There were some questionable points, but there was also some good writing/art. I think that this is a solid start for this title and I am interested to see this kosmic storyline develop.

3 stars