Star Wars: The Old Republic – Revan

RevanI have been trying to read some fun items.  Just pulp and comics and franchised stuff.  Light reading without lugging any tomes around.  This weekend I read Drew Karpyshyn’s Revan.  Published in 2011, the storyline comes from the Star Wars video game “The Old Republic,” but it fits in early in the overall Star Wars Universe timeline.  One does not need to have any experience regarding the game to enjoy the novel.  Overall, it is a good three-star weekend read.  I borrowed my copy from the local library branch.

The main character is supposedly Revan – a Jedi who fought in the Mandalorian Wars. He was always a bit of a trouble-maker Jedi, and during the wars, he was turned into a Sith Lord.  Eventually, the Jedi re-turned Revan to his Jedi-training.  However, they also wiped his mind.  The novel begins with glimpses into Revan’s troubled memory.  Readers will probably be reminded a bit of Marvel’s Wolverine character in this respect.

Revan is an okay character – but I cannot say that I found him terribly interesting or that he induced any sympathy.  In fact, I feel more chapters are dedicated to Sith Lord Scourge – who is actually a really good character.  Scourge is a warrior hero who is making a name for himself off-world of the Sith  baseworld.  He is recalled to the service of Darth Nyriss on the baseworld of Dromund Kass.  Through a series of exploits, misadventures, and capturing Revan, Scourge develops as a really cool character in the Star Wars Universe.  He gets caught in murky betrayals, tests, and bickerings among the Sith Lords and Council members.  He becomes adept at more than just combat.  Upon meeting Revan, he begins to discover new depths to the Force and his encounters with it.  Overall, if you read this novel – it should not be for Revan, but for Scourge.

The last half of the book is where the action comes in.  The first half is a bit sluggish and seems to rely a bit too much on the video game. e.g. going out on quests, completing them, turning them in and then continuing on in a questline.  However, the second half of the novel gives us history and background on the Sith Emperor and a couple decent fight scenes.  Lightsabres abound.

I’m glad I read this – it was fun.  I liked the background on Darth Vitiate.  I did enjoy following Scourge around and watching his character develop.  And the villains – Nyriss and her cronies – were acceptably villainous.  Also, I liked the concept of the dead-world Nathema.  I kind of do hope someone else picks up threads of the character Scourge in other places in the Star Wars franchise. Fans of Star Wars and/or fun should be okay with this novel.

3 stars

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