February 2012 – Cover of the Month

February was a warm month this year, the tail end of a rather mild winter.  Just chilly enough to curl up with comic books and enjoy a hot beverage without feeling oppressively wintery.  I haven’t done a cover of the month in awhile, so here goes.


  • Deadpool #50
  • Wolverine #301
  • X-Men #25
  • King Conan: Phoenix on the Sword #2/4

And the winner that I selected is:  X-Men #25.  The artwork for the cover was done by Jorge Molina.

Xmen 25

X-Men #25 cover by Jorge Molina; Marvel Comics

September 2011 – Cover of the Month

Even though the new DC 52 hit the shelves and caused all the uproar in the comic industry, my pick for this month was one of less popular Marvel titles. I picked it because in this month wherein Marvel took second stage to DC’s new offerings, this cover was designed to be eye-catching (red) and interesting (the shadow).  It was done by Andy Troy and Patrick Zircher.


  • Black Panther #523.1
  • Annihilators: Earthfall #1
  • Batman: The Dark Knight #1
  • Demon Knights #1
Black Panther 523.1

Black Panther #523.1 cover

August 2011 – Cover of the Month

I cannot stand any of the issues with the Fear Itself banners… so I pick from whatever is left.


  • Hulk #39
  • Punisher #1
  • X-Men #16
  • Justice Society of America #54

I call the winner:  Punisher #1 with art by Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary, and Paul Mounts.

Punisher 1

Punisher #1 cover

July 2011 – Cover of the Month

I found July to be sparse in terms of good covers. A lot of issues were released, some involved in large company-wide event storyarcs, but really, the covers were weak.

The best of the lot….

  • Green Lantern #66
  • Superman #711
  • New Avengers #12

Hands down, New Avengers wins. Cover by Rain Beredo and Mike Deodato.

New Avengers #12

New Avengers #12 cover

June 2011 – Cover of the Month

To my eye, there weren’t as many standout beautiful covers as in the past. Kind of a lean week. Nevertheless, here are my picks:

  • Conan: Island of No Return (Dark Horse)
  • Punisher MAX #14 (Marvel MAX)
  • X-Men #12 (Marvel)
  • Moon Knight #2 (Marvel)

And the winner is………..  X-Men #12.  Art by Ed McGuinness

X-Men 12

X-Men #12, cover

May 2011: Cover of the Month

For this month, there were several good choices.

  • Superman #711
  • Uncanny X-Force #9
  • Booster Gold #44
  • Detective Comics #877
  • Green Arrow #12

But the hands down winner has to be Detective Comics #877.  Shame on DC Comics for putting the Green Lantern banner across this cover!  The cover artist is Mark Simpson “Jock”

Detective Comics 877

Detective Comics #877

April 2011: Cover of the Month

I didn’t love any of the April 2011 covers. The nominations came down to just these three:

  • Red Robin #22
  • Punisher MAX #12
  • Brightest Day #23

And the winner is. . . . . . . Red Robin #23.  Cover artist:  Guillem March

Red Robin 22

Red Robin #22 cover


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