Collection 80-05

List of books 1980 – 2005

To list of books 1950 – 1969

To list of books 1970 – 1979

To list of books 2006 – 2015


Star Fall – David Bischoff

The Wounded Land – Stephen R. Donaldson

Hail Hibbler – Ron Goulart

The Man Who Loved the Midnight Lady – Barry N. Malzberg

Beyond the Blue Event Horizon – Frederik Pohl

Dangerous Games – Marta Randall

Songs From The Stars – Norman Spinrad

Optiman – Brian M. Stableford

If All Else Fails…. – Craig Strete

The Lure of the Basilisk – Lawrence Watt-Evans

The Shadow of the Torturer – Gene Wolfe


The Guardians of Time – Poul Anderson

The Deceivers – Alfred Bester

Voyagers – Ben Bova

Barrier World – Louis Charbonneau

Shuttle Down – Lee Correy

Space Doctor – Lee Correy

The Purgatory Zone – Arsen Darnay

VALIS – Philip K. Dick

The Wolves of Memory – George Alec Effinger

The Unreasoning Mask – Philip Jose Farmer

The Steel of Raithskar – Randall Garrett & Vicki A. Heydron

Worlds – Joe Haldeman

Planet of No Return – Harry Harrison


Foundation’s Edge – Isaac Asimov

No Enemy But Time – Michael Bishop

Under Heaven’s Bridge – Michael Bishop & Ian Watson

The One Tree – Stephen R. Donaldson

Pawn of Prophecy – David Eddings

The Time of the Dark – Barbara Hambly

Stainless Steel Rat for President – Harry Harrison

Search for the Sun – Colin Kapp

The Lost Words of Cronos – Colin Kapp

The Gunslinger – Stephen King

The Cross of Fire – Barry N. Malzberg

The Golden Torc – Julian May

Moon Called – Andre Norton

Journey to the Center – Brian M. Stableford

The Rape of the Sun – Ian Wallace

The Fall of the Shell – Paul O. Williams

The Sword of the Lictor – Gene Wolfe


The Shuttle People – George Bishop

The Crucible of Time – John Brunner

Jhereg – Steven Brust

A Tapestry of Magics – Brian Daley

Spellsinger – Alan Dean Foster

A Matter for Man – David Gerrold

Annals of Klepsis – R. A. Lafferty

The Sword of Winter – Marta Randall

The First Book of Swords – Fred Saberhagen

Sector General – James White


Past Times – Poul Anderson

Yendi – Steven Brust

Shadows Linger – Glen Cook

Legend – David Gemmell

Heretics of Dune – Frank Herbert

Fire Pattern – Bob Shaw


Killer Station – Martin Caidin

Dayworld – Philip Jose Farmer

Brains, Inc. – Ron Goulart

The Remaking of Sigmund Freud – Barry N. Malzberg

The Man Who Never Missed – Steve Perry

Berserker Throne – Fred Saberhagen

Star Healer – James White

Trumps of Doom – Roger Zelazny


Speaker for the Dead – Orson Scott Card

When Gravity Fails – George Alec Effinger

Count Zero – William Gibson

Hero of Dreams – Brian Lumley

The Coming of the Quantum Cats – Frederik Pohl

Queenmagic, Kingmagic – Ian Watson


The Secret Ascension – Michael Bishop

First Flight! – Chris Claremont


Necroscope II: Vamphyri! – Brian Lumley


Starfarers – Vonda N. McIntyre

The 97th Step – Steve Perry


Magic Casement – Dave Duncan


Xenocide – Orson Scott Card

The Initiate Brother – Sean Russell



Athyra – Steven Brust

Legion of the Damned – William C. Dietz

Hero of Dreams – Brian Lumley





The Demon Awakens – R. A. Salvatore


Green Rider – Kristen Britain



Revelation Space – Alastair Reynolds



The Disappeared – Kristine Kathryn Rusch


First Rider’s Call – Kristen Britain


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