Collection: 70 – 79

List of Books from 1950 – 1969

List of Books from 1980 – 2005

List of Books from 2006 –


Tau Zero – Poul Anderson

Orn – Piers Anthony

Timepivot – Brian N. Ball

Cities in Flight – James Blish

Spock Must Die! – James Blish

Nebula Award Stories 5 – James Blish (ed.)

The Reluctant Shaman – L. Sprague De Camp

Our Friends from Frolix 8 – Philip K. Dick

Hour of the Horde – Gordon R. Dickson

Nova 1 – Harry Harrison (ed.)

One Step From Earth – Harry Harrison

The Overlords of War – Gerard Klein (in French)

Orbit 7 – Damon Knight (ed.)

Transmission Error – Michael Kurland

Nine-Hundred Grandmothers – R. A. Lafferty

Swords and Deviltry – Fritz Leiber

Matrix – Douglas R. Mason

Dragonquest – Anne McCaffrey

Indoctrinaire – Christopher Priest

The Inner Wheel – Keith Roberts

And Chaos Died – Joanna Russ

Downward to the Earth – Robert Silverberg

Out of Their Minds – Clifford D. Simak

Nine Princes in Amber – Roger Zelazny


Interface – Mark Adlard

Dancer From Atlantis – Poul Anderson

The Wrong End of Time – John Brunner

The Traveler in Black – John Brunner

Moderan – David R. Bunch

Universe 1 – Terry Carr (ed.)

Starlight – Hal Clement

Chronocules – D. G. Compton

The Overman Culture – Edmund Cooper

Tactics of Mistake – Gordon R. Dickson

The Eclipse of Dawn – Gordon Eklund

The Far Side of Evil – Sylvia Engdahl

The Fabulous Riverboat – Philip Jose Farmer

Protostars – David Gerrold (ed.)

The Flying Sorcerers – David Gerrold & Larry Niven

What’s Become of Screwloose? And Other… – Ron Goulart

Gadget Man – Ron Goulart

The Star Treasure – Keith Laumer

The Falling Astronauts – Barry N. Malzberg

Horizon Alpha – Douglas R. Mason

Satellite 54-Zero – Douglas R. Mason

Humanity Prime – Bruce McAllister

Flight From Rebirth – J. T. McIntosh

Inside – Dan Morgan

Universe Day – K. M. O’Donnell

Pigworld – Charles W. Runyon

Ground Zero Man – Bob Shaw

The Book of Skulls – Robert Silverberg

The Second Trip – Robert Silverberg

The World Inside – Robert Silverberg

The Days of Glory – Brian M. Stableford

Major Operation – James White

Tomorrow is Too Far – James White


Volteface – Mark Adlard

There Will Be Time – Poul Anderson

The Gods Themselves – Isaac Asimov

The Probability Man – Brian N. Ball

The Regiments of Night – Brian N. Ball

The Sheep Look Up – John Brunner

From This Day Forward – John Brunner

The Stardroppers – John Brunner

Roller Coaster World – Kenneth Bulmer

Under the Green Star – Lin Carter

Jandar of Callisto – Lin Carter

Rendezvous with Rama – Arthur C. Clarke

The Steel Crocodile – D. G. Compton

Clone – Richard Cowper

The Pritcher Mass – Gordon R. Dickson

What Entropy Means to Me – George Alec Effinger

Again, Dangerous Visions, Volume 1 – Harlan Ellison (ed.)

The Tar-Ayim King – Alan Dean Foster

Yesterday’s Children – David Gerrold

When HARLIE was One – David Gerrold

The Burning – James E. Gunn

The Listeners – James E. Gunn

The Godmakers – Frank Herbert

Patterns of Chaos – Colin Kapp

The Day Before Tomorrow – Gerard Klein

Orbit 11 – Damon Knight (ed.)

Night of Delusions – Keith Laumer

The Infinite Cage – Keith Laumer

The Shape Changer – Keith Laumer

The Men Inside – Barry N. Malzberg

Elric of Melnibone – Michael Moorcock

Seed of Stars – Dan Morgan

Good Neighbors and Other Strangers – Edgar Pangborn

A Choice of Gods – Clifford Simak

The Iron Dream – Norman Spinrad

To Challenge Chaos – Brian M. Stableford

Lifeboat – James White

The Fifth Head of Cerebus – Gene Wolfe

The Omega Point – George Zebrowski

The Guns of Avalon – Roger Zelazny


The People of the Wind – Poul Anderson

Planet Probability – Brian N. Ball

Singularity Station – Brian N. Ball

Collision Course – Barrington Bayley

The Quincunx of Time – James Blish

The Best Science Fiction of the Year #2 – Terry Carr (ed.)

The Black Star – Lin Carter

Friends Come in Boxes – Michael G. Coney

Relatives – George Alec Effinger

The Infinite Man – Daniel F. Galouye

Shaggy Planet – Ron Goulart

The Lion of Boaz-Jachin and Jachin Boaz – Russell Hoban

Chronolysis – Michel Jeury

The Wizard of Anharitte – Colin Kapp

Orbit 12 – Damon Knight (ed.)

The Glory Game – Keith Laumer

Memoirs Found in a Bathub – Stanislaw Lem

In the Enclosure – Barry N. Malzberg

Tactics of Conquest – Barry N. Malzberg

The Bridge – Keith Mano

The End Bringers – Douglas R. Mason

The Suiciders – J. T. McIntosh

Protector – Larry Niven

Tomorrow Lies in Ambush – Bob Shaw

Earth’s Other Shadow – Robert Silverberg

Ten-Thousand Light Years From Home – James Tiptree, jr.

Where Were You Last Pluterday? – Paul Van Herck

Pan Sagitarius – Ian Wallace

The Embedding – Ian Watson

Today We Choose Faces – Roger Zelazny


The Eighty-Minute Hour – Brian W. Aldiss

Fire Time – Poul Anderson

Monument – Lloyd Biggle, jr.

The Ginger Star – Leigh Brackett

Total Eclipse – John Brunnner

Web of Everywhere – John Brunner

Polymath – John Brunner

Universe 4 – Terry Carr (ed.)

Universe 5 – Terry Carr (ed.)

Walk to the End of the World – Suzy McKee Charnas

The Unsleeping Eye – D. G. Compton

Monitor Found in Orbit – Michael G. Coney

Mindship – Gerard F. Conway

Flow My Tears, Said the Policeman – Philip K. Dick

Ancient, My Enemy – Gordon R. Dickson

Icerigger – Alan Dean Foster

The Eden Cycle – Raymond Z. Gallun

Alternaties – David Gerrold

The Best of Fritz Leiber – Fritz Leiber

The Day of the Burning – Barry N. Malzberg

The Destruction of the Temple – Barry N. Malzberg

On a Planet Alien – Barry N. Malzberg

A Hole in Space – Larry Niven

Tetrasomy Two – Oscar Rossiter

The Paradise Game – Brian M. Stableford

Case and the Dreamer – Theodore Sturgeon

The Gray Prince – Jack Vance


A Funeral For the Eyes of Fire – Michael Bishop

Imperial Earth – Arthur C. Clarke

The Dream Lords: A Plague of Nightmares – Adrian Cole

The Dream Lords:  Lord of Nightmares – Adrian Cole

Rax – Michael G. Coney

Confessions of a Crap Artist – Philip K. Dick

The Warriors of Dawn – M. A. Foster

Mandrill – Richard Gardner

The Mote in Time’s Eye – Gerard Klein

The Chain of Chance – Stanislaw Lem

Missing Man – Katherine MacLean

Galaxies – Barry N. Malzberg

The Many Worlds of Barry Malzberg – Barry N. Malzberg

Berserker Planet – Fred Saberhagen

The Feast of St. Dionysus – Robert Silverberg

Enchanted Pilgrimage – Clifford D. Simak

Marune:  933 – Jack Vance

Showboat World – Jack Vance

The Jonah Kit – Ian Watson

The Infinity Box – Kate Wilhelm

Sign of the Unicorn – Roger Zelazny


The Winter of the World – Poul Anderson

In the Ocean of Night – Gregory Benford

Beneath the Shattered Moons – Michael Bishop

Interstellar Empire – John Brunner

A Hostage for Hinterland – Arsen Darnay

The Virgin and the Wheels – L. Sprague De Camp

Dorsai! – Gordon R. Dickson

Those Gentle Voices – George Alec Effinger

Irrational Numbers – George Alec Effinger

The Enormous Hourglass – Ron Goulart

The Magicians – James Gunn

Children of Dune – Frank Herbert

The Survival Game – Colin Kapp

Not to Mention Camels – R. A. Lafferty

The Star Diaries – Stanislaw Lem

A City in the North – Marta Randall

Islands – Marta Randall

Cloned Lives – Pamela Sargent

The Best of Robert Silverberg – Robert Silverberg

Shakespeare’s Planet – Clifford D. Simak

The Florians – Brian M. Stableford

The Witling – Vernor Vinge

Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang – Kate Wilhelm

My Name is Legion – Roger Zelazny

The Hand of Oberon – Roger Zelazny


Mirkheim – Poul Anderson

A Spell for Chameleon – Piers Anthony

Stolen Faces – Michael Bishop

Michaelmas – Algis Budrys

A Scanner Darkly – Philip K. Dick

The Dark Design – Philip Jose Farmer

The Gameplayers of Zan – M. A. Foster

The Adventures of the Stainless Steel Rat – Harry Harrison

Apocalypses – R. A. Lafferty

Inherit the Stars – James P. Hogan □

To Control the Stars – Robert Hoskins

Space Visitor – Mack Reynolds

Who Goes Here? – Bob Shaw

The Anachristic Colossus – A. E. Van Vogt

Monsters and Medics – James White

The Monadic Universe – George Zebrowski

Ashes & Stars – George Zebrowski


To Escape the Stars – Robert Hoskins

The Ion War – Colin Kapp

The Two of Them – Joanna Russ

Crompton Divided – Robert Sheckley

The Robot Who Looked Like Me – Robert Sheckley


Profundis – Richard Cowper

Murder and Magic – Randall Garrett

Dominant Species – George Warren

The Very Slow Time Machine – Ian Watson