The list below contains a bunch of my philosophy, religion, psychology items. Mostly academic-scholarly things. If you scroll past those, you will see what I affectionately call my “pulp non-fiction.”  Those are History, Military, and Biography items.

Philosophy, Religion, Psychology


Adorno, Theodor –  In Search of Wagner

Adorno, Theodor – Quasi una Fantasia:  Essays on Modern Music

Agamben, Giorgio  –  The Open

Agamben, Giorgio  –  The Man Without Content  

Agamben, Giorgio  –  State of Exception

Agamben, Giorgio – The Highest Poverty

Agamben, Giorgio – Stasis:  Civil War as a Political Paradigm

Arendt, Hannah – Crises of the Republic

Arendt, Hannah  –  The Origins of Totalitarianism

Ayerza, Josefina (ed.) – lacanian ink 41/42

Ayerza, Josefina (ed.) – lacanian ink 43/44


Badiou, Alain  –  Being and Event  

Badiou, Alain  –  Logics of Worlds

Badiou, Alain   –  Second Manifesto for Philosophy

Badiou, Alain – The True Life   

Barzun, Jacques  –   Darwin, Marx, Wagner

Barzun, Jacques     –    From Dawn to Decadence  

Barzun, Jacques    –    Teacher in America

Barzun, Jacques     –  The House of Intellect

Baudrillard, Jean  –  The Agony of Power

Baudrillard, Jean  –  Simulacra and Simulation

Baudrillard, Jean  –  The Vital Illusion

Baudrillard, Jean  –  The Intelligence of Evil

Baudrillard, Jean – The Perfect Crime

Berdyaev, Nicolas  –  The Destiny of Man  –  1960; Harper & Row

Berger, Peter L.  –  The Social Construction of Reality     

Berger, Peter L.  –  The Sacred Canopy

Berger, Peter L.  –  Invitation to Sociology

Berlin, Isaiah  –  Karl Marx: His Life and Environment  –  3rd Edition; 1973

Breuer, Joseph  –  Introduction to the Theory of Sets

Burckhardt, Jacob  –  Force and Freedom        1955

Burckhardt, Jacob  –  The Greeks and Greek Civilization


Campbell, Joseph  –  The Power of Myth         1991 ed.

Cantor, Georg  –  Contributions to the Founding of the Theory of Transfinite Numbers

Cassirer, Ernst – An Essay on Man

Cassirer, Ernst  –  The Philosophy of the Enlightenment

Chapman, Siobhan – Philosophy for Linguists: An Introduction

Chomsky, Noam  –  Hegemony or Survival

Chomsky, Noam  –  Failed States

Christian, William A.  –  Oppositions of Religious Doctrines  –  1972

Claussen, Detlev  –  Theodor Adorno, One Last Genius


Day, Dorothy  –  The Long Loneliness

de Chardin, Teilhard – The Divine Milieu

de Chardin, Teilhard – The Phenomenon of Man

Dilthey, Wilhelm – Selected Works Vol. 1:  Introduction to the Human Sciences

Donington, Robert – Wagner’s ‘Ring’ and its Symbols

Dubord, Guy – Society of the Spectacle

Dufresne, Todd – Killing Freud

Durkheim, Emile  –  The Elementary Forms of Religious Life


Eagleton, Terry – Culture and the Death of God – (2014)

Eliade, Mircea  –  The Myth of the Eternal Return

Eves, Howard  –  Foundations and Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics  –  3rd ed


Fanon, Frantz  –  The Wretched of the Earth

Fedotov, Georgy – The Russian Religious Mind

Foucault, Michel  – “Society Must Be Defended”: Lectures at the Collège de France, 1975-1976

Foucault, Michel  –  Archaeology of Knowledge

Foucault, Michel  –  Discipline and Punish

Fromm, Erich  –  The Sane Society

Fromm, Erich  –  Beyond the Chains of Illusion  –  1966

Fukuyama, Francis  –  The End of History and the Last Man


Gadamer, H.  –  Truth and Method  –  Continuum; 2006

Gadamer, H. – The Relevance of the Beautiful and Other Essays

Gadhafi, M.  –  The Green Book

Godel, Kurt  –  On Formally Undecidable Propositions of Principia Mathematica and Related Systems

Grousset, René  –  The Rise and Splendour of the Chinese Empire


Habermas, Juergen – Legitimation Crisis

Hartman, Robert S.  –  Reason in History: Hegel

Hegel, G. W. F.  –  Phenomenology of Spirit  –  trans. A. V. Miller

Hegel, G. W. F.  –  Lectures on the Philosophy of World History  –  trans. H. B. Nisbet

Heisenberg, Werner  –  Physics and Philosophy: The Revolution in Modern Science

Horkheimer, M. & T. Adorno  –  Dialectic of Enlightenment  –  trans. Edmund Jephcott


Jakobson, Roman – The Framework of Language

James, William  –  The Varieties of Religious Experience  –  1961 ed.

Jay, Martin  –  Adorno

Jay, Martin  –  The Dialectical Imagination


Kaufmann, Walter  –  Nietzsche: Philosopher, Psychologist, Antichrist

Keegan, John – The Face of Battle

Kekes, John – The Illusions of Egalitarianism

Kelly, Laurence  –  Lermontov: Tragedy in the Caucasus

Kerr, Fergus  –  Immortal Longings

Klemperer, Victor  –  Language of the Third Reich

Kuhn, Thomas S. –  The Structure of Scientific Revolutions


Lacan, Jacques – “Écrits” – (trans. Bruce Fink)

Lacan, Jacques – “On the Names-of-the-Father”  – (trans. Bruce Fink)

Lacan, Jacques – Seminar XI:  “The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis”

Lee, M. Owen –  Wagner: The Terrible Man and His Truthful Art

Lenin, V. I.  –  What is to be done?

Lenin, V. I.  –  State and Revolution

Lenin, V. I. – Revolution at the Gates (ed. with Intro by S. Zizek)

Leupin, Alexandre – Lacan Today:  Psychoanalysis, Science, Religion

Levinas, Emmanuel – Alterity and Transcendence

Lichtheim, George  –  Lukács

Lichtheim, George – The Concept of Ideology and other essays

Lindbeck, George A.  –  The Nature of Doctrine  –  1984

Luhmann, Niklas – The Reality of the Mass Media – 1996

Lukacs, Georg  –  History and Class Consciousness


Macquarrie, John – An Existentialist Theology:  Comparison of Heidegger and Bultmann

Magee, Bryan – The Tristan Chord: Wagner and Philosophy

Malinowski, Bronislaw  –  Magic, Science, and Religion

Malroux, Andre  –  Anti-Memoirs

Mannheim, Karl  –  Ideology and Utopia

Marcuse, Herbert  –  One Dimensional Man

Maritain, Jacques – Existence and the Existent

Marks, Robert W.    –  The Meaning of Marcuse  –  1970 ed.

Miłosz, Czesław  – The Captive Mind

More, Thomas –  Utopia

Morgan, George A.  –  What Nietzsche Means     –    1965 ed.

Mukarovsky, Jan – Structure, Sign, and Function:  Selected Essays


Negri, Antonio –  Time for Revolution

Negri, Antonio & Michael Hardt –  Multitude:  War and Democracy in the Age of Empire

Negri, Antonio  –  The Politics of Subversion:  A Manifesto for the Twenty-First Century


Otto, Rudolf  –    The Idea of the Holy


Pauly, Reinhard G.  – Music in the Classic Period

Pieper, Josef – Leisure, the Basis of Culture – (introduction by T. S. Eliot)


Ricoeur, Paul – Interpretation Theory – 1976

Richie, Donald – A Tractate on Japanese Aesthetics – 2007


Said, Edward   –   Culture and Imperialism

Saussure, Ferdinand de – Course in General Linguistics

Schapiro, Leonard – The Russian Revolutions of 1917 – 1984

Schapiro, Leonard – Rationalism and Nationalism in Russian Nineteenth-Century Political Thought

Shariati, Ali  –    Religion vs. Religion

Simirenko, Alex – Social Thought in the Soviet Union

Smith, Wilfred Cantwell  –  The Meaning and End of Religion

Spengler, Oswald – Man and Techinics

Stace, W. T.  –  The Philosophy of Hegel

Stace, W. T. – Religion and the Modern Mind 

Suny, Ronald & Arthur Adams – The Russian Revolution and Bolshevik Victory (3rd ed.)


Tanizaki, Jun’ichiro – In Praise of Shadows 

Thayer, William Roscoe – The Life and Times of Cavour – 1911 edition

Thayer, William Roscoe – The Collapse of Superman – 1918 edition

Tucker, Richard C.  –  The Marx-Engels Reader  –  2nd Edition

Tucker, Richard C.  –  The Marxian Revolutionary Idea


Virilio, Paul  –  Art and Fear

Vohra, Ranbir  –  The Chinese Revolution: 1900-1950


Wallerstein, Immanuel – World-Systems Analysis: An Introduction


Yanagi, Soetsu – The Unknown Craftsman


Zizek, Slavoj  –  The Sublime Object of Ideology

Zizek, Slavoj  –  The Parallax View

Zizek, Slavoj  –  Living in the End Times

History, Military, Chess, and Biography




Chernev, Irving – Logical Chess

Chernev, Irving – Practical Chess Endings


Diamond, Jared – Guns, Germs, and Steel




Greene, Douglas G. – John Dickson Carr: The Man Who Explained Miracles


Hansen, Lars Bo – Foundations of Chess Strategy




Kershaw, Alex – Escape From The Deep

Kiernan, Denise – The Girls of Atomic City: The Untold Story of The Women Who Helped Win WWII

Kotov, Alexander – Chess Tactics

Kyle, Chris & William Doyle – American Gun: A History of the U.S. in Ten Firearms


Lu, David J. – Japan: A Documentary History – The Dawn of History to the Late Tokugawa Period

Lu, David J. – Japan: A Documentary History – The Late Tokugawa Period to the Present


Macintyre, Ben – Double Cross:  The True Story of the D-Day Spies

Maruyama, Masao – Studies in The Intellectual History of Tokugawa Japan (trans. Mikiso Hane)

Mayor, Adrienne – The Poison King: The Life and Legend of Mithradates

McManus, John C. – The Dead and Those About to Die: D-Day The Big Red One at Omaha Beach


Nimzowitsch, Aron – My System & Chess Praxis


Ooms, Herman – Tokugawa Ideology, Early Constructs 1570-1680

Owens, Mark (Matt Bissonnette) – No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission that Killed Bin Laden


Pachman, Ludèk – Modern Chess Strategy



Saidy, Anthony – The Battle of Chess Ideas

Spoto, Donald – Blue Angel: The Life of Marlene Dietrich

Soltis, Andrew – Chess to Enjoy

Strauss, Barry – The Battle of Salamis: The Naval Encounter that Saved Greece – and Western Civilization



Znosko-Borovsky, Eugene – The Art of Chess Combination

Literary, Poetry


Carter, Steven D. – Literary Patronage in Late Medieval Japan (1993)


Fowler, Edward – The Rhetoric of Confession: Shishosetsu in Early 20th Century Japanese Fiction


Giles, Herbert A. – A History of Chinese Literature – (Tuttle; 1973)



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