In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight: Season 1

In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight

I finished watching the first season of In Plain Sight; it originally aired in 2008.  I picked up the season for $5. It stars Mary McCormack as the main character with Fred Weller as her co-star. McCormack has played in a number of TV shows, particularly Murder One and The West Wing. I haven’t watched any of the other shows she’s been in.

McCormack plays a U.S. Marshall, Mary Shannon, stationed in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As such, she participates in the Witness Protection Program (WitSec). The number of characters is relatively small (compared to most shows I’ve watched recently). Shannon’s partner in the Marshals is Marshall Mann, a fifth-generation U.S. Marshall. These two work under the supervision of their boss, Stan McQueen. Overall, the characters are not that appealing. Viewers are constantly being told that Shannon is a hard-core, rogue-ish Marshal. However, I find her to usually be just cranky and weak.

The actor who plays Marshall Mann is rather annoying. He’s really thin and tall and he speaks without moving his mouth much – talking through his teeth. Also, his voice is very nasal. (I don’t know how realistic any of this is for New Mexico). His character is a bit of a dork, though we are to believe he is stoic and patient.  Their boss is a short, balding fellow who generally lets the two marshals run rampant and do whatever they want. There sometimes appear to be more marshals in the city, but they are never in the office with the WitSec team. Overall, none of the characters seem like they are tough enough to be US Marshals, but maybe this is because I have some sort of Chuck Norris Texas Ranger thing in mind when I see this show.

I also have no interest in New Mexico. I pretty much hate the setting. I am not a fan of anything past the Mississippi River, for that matter. This show is somewhat similar to Saving Grace in that it involves a female lead character in a type of law enforcement. However, this show is nowhere near as gritty and transcendent as that one. (Saving Grace takes place in Oklahoma).

Most of this season was actually somewhat flat and boring. However, things get a lot better with the last disc. Finally, we have some storyline movement, action, and real drama. The characters do not necessarily become more interesting or likeable, but the storyline gets more interesting. For example, McQueen seems to become more dynamic in dealing with some of the WitSec situations and team.  I suspect this show gets better in season two, but I am not going to pay full price for it.

2 stars