John Henry

52 #8

52 8

52 #8

I continued my DC Universe catch-up reading this afternoon starting with 52 issue #8.

The cover was done by J. G. Jones and is fairly representative of the storyline inside the issue. I don’t dislike the cover, but it certainly won’t go in my favorite covers list anytime soon. The cover reminds me vaguely of vintage industry posters. That’s John Henry holding the sledgehammer, with Lex Luthor on the left. The upper right is, I think, a portrayal of statues found in a Cult of Connor hideout in Star City.

I liked the tension – misunderstanding between John Henry and his niece, Natasha.  Natasha is a really cool character – given to the typical teenage impulsive behavior on one hand, but on the other she’s totally dedicated to her goal of being a hero.  There aren’t many teenage girls willing to spend long hours in the basement creating their own armor.  Its easy for the reader to see her frustration when she discovers a connection between her uncle and Lex Luthor’s new “metagene” program.

I also like the little “mystery” behind the new hero who is quietly rescuing people from danger.  Its amusing how its affecting Booster Gold. Also, I was tickled by the one incident where the new hero saves a child at the beach – the child’s mother is wearing a Wonder Woman costume swimsuit. This tickled me and I spent a moment considering what a beach would look like if it was “dress like a superhero” day or something. Of course the cameo of Clark Kent interviewing Booster Gold – and Skeets – is pretty fun, too.

Overall, I liked the issue because it moved the story along – which, really, is the point of the 52 volume.

3 stars