Dead Until Dark

Dead UNtil DarkI read this book over the weekend. (After being hit by lightning.) I had trouble sleeping and since I had already seen season one of the related TV show (True Blood), I decided to read this book. Its was short and I already knew the storyline. All in all, it was a very quick read. I feel there was too much sex. As I found in the TV series, the main character is daft.  The author refers to her as naive.  I think it was an interesting read because I suspect it is different from the plethora of “vampire” things being published in the last five years.

If I had to describe the writing style, I’d probably say Harris skirts the surface of the story. I mean, people die, and we are told that things are sad, but you don’t really empathize or anything. And if something odd happens, well, its odd, but you don’t feel any big surprises. Everything, including murders, are calmly taken in stride. I considered this, and honestly, I think that’s part of the charm of setting the story in Bon Temps, Louisiana. Things in the South are slower and people do not get “upset” in the same way. I mean, this same story in NY would be very different.

As it stands I am giving it three stars. Its the first in a series (always a difficult piece to write). I do not think it is Harris’ first novel, though. The book is interesting and Harris knew when the book was done and did not drag it out for no reason. I appreciate that. And I was fairly amused at the character Bubba.

3 stars

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